Daytona Beach


Famous for its world-renowned racing festival and often considered to be the home of NASCAR, Daytona Beach is among Florida’s, and North America’s, most beloved vacation destinations. Despite a culture that is steeped in motorsport, Daytona Beach’s premier attraction is its 23-mile-long strip of sand, which helps attract millions of visitors each year.


Even though it is renowned as the Spring Break Capital of North America, Daytona Beach has undergone a transformation over the last decade. Still the perfect destination for motorheads, this city has also developed into a great place for family getaways. The beach lures many tourists each year, as the hard-packed sand and spacious sunbathing areas are enticing features of the city.

Unlike other beaches on the eastern Floridian coastline, Daytona Beach boasts hard-packed sand, which is why it once hosted world-famous car races on the foreshore for over 50 years. It rests between Port Orange in the south, and Ormond Beach to the north, and boasts a clean and safe beach environment, thanks to the Volusia County Beach Patrol. At low tide, Daytona Beach and its surrounding shorelines can reach up to 500 feet in width, and the low-set waves make it a great place for swimmers of all ages.

Lifeguards are on duty, and because of the occasional current, swimming in front or near their towers is highly recommended. Visitors will notice speed signs towards the eastern edge of the beach. This is because driving has been allowed on the beach for decades, and still occurs today. If driving, tourists will need to purchase a permit, and motorists must adhere to the strict parking and speed limits. It’s little wonder why Daytona Beach is one of About Travel’s Top 10 Florida beaches.

Attractions and Things To Do

Aside from the historic beach, there are plenty of other fascinating attractions for tourists at Daytona Beach.

The Daytona International Speedway hosts many large-scale motor-racing events each year. The vibrant atmosphere of these festivities, including the famous Daytona 500, is too good to miss. For more insight into the city’s racing heritage, visit the Daytona 500 Experience museum. If visitors are looking for family entertainment, the Lagoon is home to many activities, including mini-golf, laser fun, and go-karts.

Daytona Beach is not just a place for beach getaways and motor-racing madness. There are many things to see and do just minutes from the shoreline. Shopping is remarkably popular, with numerous malls awaiting shopaholics, including Daytona Promenade and Bellair Plaza. Golf courses, restaurants, and a fantastic nightlife are also part of the Daytona Beach entertainment scene.


The most convenient way into the city is via the Daytona Beach International Airport. It is located close to the speedway, and only minutes from the beach. I-95 connects the city to other major destinations along Florida’s eastern coast, so driving is a convenient transport option. Once inside Daytona Beach, motorists will find the wide roads easy to navigate. The main tourist area is the A1A, which is locally known as Atlantic Avenue or ‘the beachside’. Here, plenty of shops, malls, restaurants, and high-rise accommodations can be found.


The best time to visit Daytona Beach is during the winter months, when the weather is mild and it doesn’t rain. The city gets extremely busy in January and February due to the many motor-racing events, so making advanced reservations is highly recommended.

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