Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach is one of the most visited beach destinations in Florida. So here is a short guide to Boynton Beach, so you can get the most from your visit.


Boynton Beach is a great place for families to enjoy tourist and local activities.

Relax at the community Movies in the Park event while enjoying the stars with the sea breeze by your side. Music lovers will also want to check out the Music on the Rocks event, although it’s not always as family friendly, so be sure to check out the events for that night before taking younger children.

Fabulous waterside activities are at your fingertips while visiting Boynton Beach. Fishing, diving, and other fun times await everyone. Simply drive to the shore and you’ll find yourself surrounded by waterside activities that will keep you entertained all day.

If you want to enjoy other free, locally flavored events, the Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market and the Green Cay Nature Center and Wetlands provide excellent entertainment options. These locations provide a perfect place to check out local Florida wildlife, or taste flavorful local produce.

For golf enthusiasts there are several non-member clubs where you can enjoy a relaxing game. Golfers of every skill level will find challenging courses at Boynton Beach locations such as The Links at Boynton Beach Golf Course, and the Cypress Creek Country Club. Just make sure to reserve your tee-time ahead of your trip to ensure you get a chance to play these amazing courses.


The food scene of Boynton Beach provides a wide variety of dining options. When you want to splurge on a memorable dining experience, both Chris’ Taverna and Mamma Mia provide authentic national flavors that will treat your palate.

When you want very good food on a budget, with a family-friendly and relaxing atmosphere, Boynton Beach's dining options will not let you down. Enjoy all the delicious staples of American dining by checking out the Village Tavern. And if you are a BBQ connoisseur, be sure to check out Lucille’s Bad to the Bone BBQ, which is one of South Florida’s most famous BBQ restaurants.


Very few tourists go to Boynton Beach without the intention of spending the majority of their time at the beautiful beaches. To enjoy relaxing beachfront activities and take in the beachfront atmosphere, the Oceanfront Park Beach is a must see destination in Boynton Beach.


Boynton Beach provides an excellent mixture of lodging options for tourists. Visitors looking to stay in hotels will find a great mixture of high-end, and economical options to fit their budget. Area hotels include: Comfort Inn, Hampton, and Hyatt.

Boynton Beach also has a lively culture of rentable beach homes and condos. If you want to experience local live in Boynton Beach, rental a beach home during your stay.


Take advantage of some leisurely shopping when visiting Boynton Beach, while you’re not at the beach or enjoying water activities.

For a more familiar shopping experiences, the Boynton Beach Mall provides an outlet mall experience that allows you to shop at all of your favorite chains. With reasonable prices and numerous food options, you can easily spend a full day exploring this excellent shopping location.

And if you are you looking for a shopping destination that’s more off the beaten path, the Canyon Town Center is a great place to shop for local products and souvenirs. Every shop has something new and unique to offer, so be sure to check it out during your time in Boynton Beach.

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