Blue Mountain Beach


Blue Mountain Beach, though not technically a mountain, is a beach on the Gulf Coast that boasts the highest dunes, and therefore, one of the more unique landscapes in Florida. Blue Mountain Beach is a small community, but it comes with a warm and welcoming atmosphere absent from larger tourist destinations.

Outdoor Activities: Fishing, Hiking, and Cycling

The community is home to a thriving tourism industry, since plenty of visitors flock here each year for its many outdoor activities, round-the-calendar sunshine, and laid-back vibe. Vacation homes and beach villas are among the most popular lodgings found in the town. While exploring the heart of the community, tourists will find plenty of delicious restaurants and convenient services, which help make a vacation easy and memorable.

Fishing is a very popular part of the local culture here. Anglers can choose to cast their lines from the beachfront, or alternatively, throw their lines into one of the nearby lakes, including Big Redfish Lake and Draper Lake. When it comes to outdoor activities, nothing beats a hike into Point Washington State Forest, where nature’s magnificence is more than apparent. Cycling is another activity that is highly recommended, and the Timpoochee Trail can be taken by bike from the town.

Beach Activities and Amenities

The main attraction at Blue Mountain Beach is the community’s public beach. Sun-lovers will find this strip of sand to be perfect, with plenty of local facilities to make it a comfortable spot for visitors. There is a lifeguard on duty, and a raised yellow flag means swimming conditions are favorable. There are restaurants close to the beach, so grabbing a bite to eat is easy. Showers and restroom facilities are also available, along with umbrella and other beach-equipment rentals.

The beach itself is clean and inviting. The water that comes in from the Gulf of Mexico is warm year-round, and it remains relatively calm too, so swimming is fun for visitors of all ages. The length of the beach means it rarely gets crowded. Blue Mountain is located in South Walton, which is among the most enticing parts of the Emerald Coast. Both Trip Advisor, one of the most reliable online travel companies on the planet, and Dr. Beach, consistently rank this part of Florida as one of the best beach destinations for families.


The Northwest Florida Regional Airport is only 25 minutes from Blue Mountain. Driving a car from the airport is a great option. The township rests upon the scenic Emerald Coast Highway 30A, which connects to US Highway 98. Getting around the township is possible by car, although walking or cycling is recommended.

Blue Mountain Beach is renowned as a winter getaway, since the weather is mild and the water is welcoming, even during the coldest months. Of course, tourists flock to Blue Mountain during the winter, but this charming community is a pleasant place to visit or live year round.

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