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Clearwater Best Beach 2013

Discover Florida's top rated beaches and beach communities. Learn about things to do, places to stay, local services, local specials, and local events.
Top Beaches

Secret Beaches

Secret Beaches

Are you looking for a little-known beach, or an untouched natural beach? Explore these out of the way beaches and enjoy nature to its fullest.
Secret Beaches


Free Trolly

Explore beach towns and their unique features. Discover places you never knew existed, and learn about people and places in different communities.
Beach Communities

clearwater-beach-hotels-300x200Florida Beaches

Florida beaches are diversely sophisticated. Each beach has its own personality, and each beach community is different from all the others.

Some beaches are full of people and feverish activity, while others are nature preserves and full of old Florida's laid-back charm.

Check out Florida's Top Beaches, Secret Beaches, and Beach Communities to discover the places you'll like the best.

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